Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brrr...Its cold outside!

But that doesn't stop us from training. Last Saturday we had our first group bike ride, and let me tell you, it wasn't too warm out. I couldn't feel my toes for the entire ride. But I made it through and our fellow Team in Training marathoners were out on the trail too, so we cheered each other on as we passed.

Following the bike ride was the Honored Teammate Picnic. The honored teammates are people that are fighting cancer or that have battled it and are in remission. The picnic was very inspirational and a great reminder of why we're out there training everyday. Several people told their stories and I'm pretty sure at least half the room had tears in their eyes. I'll admit, I was one of those people, especially after hearing Cris's and Denise's stories. They are both about my age and were diagnosed with cancer not too long ago. They are both currently in remission and its truly an inspiration to see them train along side us. It was a great reminder that not only are we doing this to accomplish personal goals, but also to help save the lives of people just like us!

This weekend is bound to be madness and mayhem with everyone coming into town for Inauguration. I just might have to hit the cold hard streets to run since the area is practically shutting down for all the festivities.

In fundraising news, I'm about halfway to my fundraising goal! THANK YOU!!! I couldn't imagine this amount of support and generosity from everyone. As a Team in Training participant, the Society is giving us the opportunity to sell raffle tickets for the Leukemia Ball, their annual black tie event. The raffle ticket gives you the chance to win either a Mercedes CLK350 Cabriolet or a Mercedes GLK350. Tickets are $100 each and only 6000 have been printed. So if you buy 1 ticket, you have a 1 in 3000 chance of winning. Don't worry, you don't have to be at the ball to win. One of last year's winners lived in Guam! because Mercedes donates both cars, 100% of the proceeds goes to the Society. Let me know if you're interested in buying a raffle ticket, and I can send you the form. Just note that due to DC Lottery Board regulations, raffle tickets are not tax deductible.

If a raffle ticket isn't for you, you can still make tax deductible donations through my website:

Thanks for stopping by and checking in!

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  1. Does the cost of the raffle ticket add to your fund raising goal?